Who’s that Girl….in the SCARF?!?

True Statement...9 times out of 10 I have a scarf (bandana/leopard headband) on my head.  It INSTANTLY jazzes up my outfit and #moreimportantly….I feel like myself!! My clothing personality is ROMANTIC NATURAL- meaning I LOVE rounded drama, bigger the better, over the top…..aka a flamboyant pirate! Scarves do the trick for me...they are my JAM! When I began...

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Lady in RED <3...but which red?

Hello favorites and Happy Wednesday!!! You may (or may not) be wearing lots of red in the near future. Two holidays (?!) are fast approaching where you may be criticized if you are not wearing RED to show your spirit.  I am talking about the holiday of the SUPERBOWL (it should be a holiday because no one wants...

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Laura Czapski

Hello & welcome to my blog! My name is Laura Czapski and I'm blogger with a passion for sharing about the outdoors, traveling, family, friends, and more. Thanks for supporting.