C O L O R + F R I E N D S + C O O K I E S…make me happy!

F A C T: One of the things I love most about my color & style business is you never know who is going to land in your chair! I started this business adventure back in May, and Bridget was one of my first clients. She walked in my studio and I loved her energy! She was so excited for her consult and eager to talk color!  Bridget’s passion is baking and she is a MASTER at creating those perfect icing colors!  #bridgetthescientist – Bridget is an AUTUMN (like me!!) and we keep each other in mind when we shop or find that perfect heliotrope scarf 😉

Have you ever dyed your clothes before?!? Well after Bridget’s color consult, she tried just that (genius!!) Take a peek…..and if you want to experiment in dying your own clothes, you can find the RIT DYE FORMULA CHART HERE ! ! !

I am lucky to call Bridget my friend.  She has been one of my biggest cheerleaders with my House of Colour adventure!! She has had her COLOR & STYLE (more on that later) done and has even had MR. E sit in my chair too (he is a winter!)

Read Bridget’s blog post about her experience with COLOR and see her delicious & tasty Autumn cookies HERE!  xoLC






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