Lady in RED <3...but which red?

Hello favorites and Happy Wednesday!!!

You may (or may not) be wearing lots of red in the near future. Two holidays (?!) are fast approaching where you may be criticized if you are not wearing RED to show your spirit.  I am talking about the holiday of the SUPERBOWL (it should be a holiday because no one wants to be a functioning adult on the Monday after) & Valentine’s Day! I can honestly say I know ZERO about football, the teams or who is projected to win…but what I do know is I love a good party. I also know that the KC Chiefs are playing (because…Mahomes-Wreckem’ Tech!)

Mary looks stunning in her WARM RED dress at the Marine Corp Birthday Ball!
Color Bestie Caitlyn and her sweet mama in TRUE RED!











What was a girl to wear to a Superbowl party that I wasn’t going to watch?!? I mean, I’ve got to look good and I am not going to wear a team jersey when I do NOT even know who the Chiefs are playing! While scrolling through the insta (always trouble) I see a shirt that has my name all over it, perfect for the “big day”- Get yours here!


….and the next holiday that is NOT a Hallmark holiday #michael – Valentine’s Day!!

Millions of heart eyes…….It’s my FAVORITE HOLIDAY EVER!

Question of the day… YOU look best in a WARM red, COOL red or TRUE red.  If you are thinking “RED is RED”….here is the 411 (do people even say that anymore?!)

You want to be in YOUR best red for your Valentine! xoxo

Color is all around us (and makes me happy!) We are not just limited to the rainbow…ROYGBIV (flashback to elementary school!) For example, the grass is GREEN, the sky is BLUE, the Chick-fil-a uniforms are RED…you get the picture.  Reality is the grass could be LEAF green or KERRY green….the sky may be a SKY blue or CORNFLOWER, but Chick-fil-a uniforms are TRUE RED.

Let’s talk for a second about the color TRUE RED….what is true red?! TRUE RED has EQUAL parts blue and yellow…everyone can wear it because of its balance.  If we add YELLOW to the true red- the red looks more yellow…..thus making it a WARM RED…..flip side if we add BLUE to the true red the red appears more blue or COOLER.

Now you are saying to yourself, “do I need a COOL or WARM red”? That my friends will depend if you have YELLOW undertones or BLUE undertones in your skin.  An undertone is the color from underneath the surface of your skin that affects your overall hue.  I help determine this during your HOC Colour Consultation.

The Pantone Color System (totally posting about asap) is an amazingggg resource for COLOR and so FUN! Check them out at

COOL RED                                         TRUE RED                                     WARM RED


Next time you are at the store see if you can tell which red is WARM, COOL or TRUE- and ROCK the one that looks best on YOU!

Talk soon— xoLC





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